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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are revolutionizing tower inspections. They allow inspectors to evaluate towers with real-time video before climbing them. To fly a drone commercially for projects like this, you must have a drone license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, called a "Remote Pilot Certificate."  To get this license, you must take and pass the FAA drone knowledge test. The test is not difficult to master, but it requires at least several days of dedicated study with a knowledgeable training team.

We are pleased to announce that Tower Safety and Instruction is partnering with Aeon Unmanned, a drone services and training provider, to offer a three day FAA Remote Pilot Course. The course is designed to give students an excellent chance of passing the "Remote Pilot" test on the last day as well as introduce them to basic drone flight procedures and safety.  No prior drone experience is required.

The course features two days of dedicated classroom discussion with a review of basic drone regulations, operations, and associated topics, focused on preparing students to take and pass the Drone License Test. The third day of the course features an introduction to drone flight.  Students will practice basic flying skills on professional model drones to learn safe and professional drone mission procedures.

On the fourth day, students will be scheduled with a local Federal Aviation Administration-approved drone test center to take the "Remote Pilot" knowledge exam. Course graduates will also get a certificate of completion, which can provide discounts on drone flight insurance. 

The course fee is $1099.  The Remote Pilot Test has a separate $150 fee paid to the testing service. Complete course details will be sent upon enrollment.  Questions?  Contact us at 

Now you can FLY before you CLIMB!  You will be able to - legally and safely - use drone technology to get a close up look at tower status before you leave the ground.  Register for the FAA Remote Pilot Course to add this powerful technology to your portfolio!

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