AU201 Introduction to Drone Flight - 1 Student
AU201 Introduction to Drone Flight - 1 Student

AU201 Introduction to Drone Flight - 1 Student

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Aeon Unmanned is pleased to offer the Introduction to Drone Flight* course as a one-day course for a single student. This course is designed to give the student a solid introduction to professional, safe, and legal drone piloting and mission management. 

No drone experience is required!  No drone license is required!  This is an excellent way to get acquainted with the execution of a drone mission.  If you're researching the drone industry, you can get basic flight experience in this course and decide later to earn your drone license.

In this course, an Aeon Unmanned instructor will first host a preflight "brief" (usually in a restaurant setting such as a Starbucks) and provide an introduction to drone controls and drone mission planning. The instructor and student will then proceed to a flight practice location where the student will practice drone launches and landings, "nose-out" flight maneuvering, and "nose-forward" or "functional" flight maneuvering. In later flights, the student will simulate inspections of ground objects. The flight instruction will feature a common DJI Mavic Pro model drone. The student will receive a Certificate of Training.

The student and the instructor will choose a training day based on instructor availability, student preference, and weather. The instruction will last approximately 5 hours. The preflight briefing location and the flight location will be arranged with the instructor. Our flight instruction area is centered in southeast Denver.

*Instruction days may be rescheduled or canceled due to weather or operational necessities. Best efforts will be made to meet student needs, or appropriate refunds will be provided.

We invite prospective students to contact us to confirm a training date before they enroll in the course. Contact us at