AU107 Academy Course (Denver December 10-14)

AU107 Academy Course (Denver December 10-14)

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Welcome! THIS is the FAA Part 107 Drone License Preparation and Flight Introduction course you're looking for!  

The official FAA commercial drone license is called the “Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.” If you fly a drone for compensation, you must have this license. You earn it by passing the FAA drone knowledge test. The test topics are not difficult to master, but they require dedicated study and the help of a knowledgeable training team.  

At Aeon Unmanned, we’ve designed our highly lauded one week “Part 107 Academy” in Denver to give our students the best chance to pass the FAA drone test and get a solid introduction to basic drone safe flying skills – with no prior experience required! 

SEE THE COURSE TITLE for the dates for this Academy course. This course will begin on Monday morning in Denver and end just after noon on Friday. The Part 107 Academy is offered approximately once a month as listed in the course catalog. 

WHY GET A REMOTE PILOT LICENSE: Are you involved in these industries: real estate; property management; insurance adjustment; agriculture; power transmission and distribution; oil and gas field services; mining; wind turbines; or state and county services contractors? Then you know: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs, or drones – are revolutionizing your business. Get ready now!  

EMPLOYERS AND PUBLIC AGENCIES: Are you developing your own UAS ("Unmanned Aircraft Systems") program? You will need knowledgeable and licensed drone pilots. 

WHAT YOU GET with the Aeon Unmanned Part 107 Academy class enrollment:  

-Membership in the AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics - the world's largest model aviation association 
–Part 107 Regulations and Theory Review Class – 10 hours  
–UAV Systems and Procedures Introduction – 6 hours  
–Introduction to UAV flight – two days  
–A reserved seat to take the Part 107 UAG (Commercial Drone) Exam at an FAA-approved test facility 
–Certificate of Training: Part 107 Academy (worth $100’s in potential insurance discounts)  

You get all the above for an enrollment fee of $1299. PLUS we offer the Test Fee Promise: we’re so confident that you’ll pass the FAA test during this course that if you take the FAA test on the last day of class and don’t pass it, we’ll PAY the fee for you to retake the FAA test within 30 days!  

Note: the FAA-assigned test fee for taking the Part 107 UAG (Commercial Drone) Exam is $150. Academy students will be scheduled to take the test at an FAA-approved test facility, but students must make arrangements to pay the test fee. Test fee payment instructions will be provided to enrolled students. 

LOCATION AND SCHEDULE. The course is presented in the “Tech Center” area of Denver, Colorado (near the Interstate 25 and Arapahoe Blvd intersection). Class starts 8:30 on Monday; students can leave as early as Friday noon. Full details will be sent upon enrollment.  

Why should the Aeon Unmanned Academy be your choice for preparing for the FAA drone exam?  

-Experienced team – we’ve been teaching this course since the Part 107 rules were announced in August 2016  
-Student success – all of our graduates have passed the Part 107 knowledge test  
-All backgrounds welcome – we’ve trained realtors, photographers, transmission line workers, entrepreneurs – you name it!  
-Affordable – get the classroom, flight, and AMA membership bundle for one competitive price (and it’s a business expense!) Compare it to ANY other one week Part 107 course!  

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*Classes may be rescheduled or canceled due to operational necessities. Best efforts will be made to meet student needs, or appropriate refunds will be provided.  

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