RE100: Part 107 Recertification Test Prep (Denver Oct 27)

RE100: Part 107 Recertification Test Prep (Denver Oct 27)

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Your Remote Pilot certification expires after 2 years!  To stay current, you must retest!  Aeon Academy's Recertification Test Prep Course will get you ready!


Do you have an FAA Part 107 "Remote Pilot Certificate?"  If so, your certification to act as a Remote Pilot is valid until the end of the 24th month after you earned your certificate. To renew your certification and maintain your flight privileges, you must take and pass the FAA Part 107 "recurrent" knowledge test.


The FAA has narrowed the focus of the Recurrent UAS Knowledge Test, also called the "UGR" ("Unmanned General - Recurrent") test.  Whereas the initial test has 60 questions and 2 allowed hours for completion, the recurrent test has 40 questions and 1 1/2 allowed hours for completion.  Both tests include objective multiple choice questions and require a score of 70% to pass.   Both have a standard test fee of $150.


The FAA has also reduced the number of topics covered in the recurrent test.  Key topics include UAS regulations, airspace classifications, and airport operations.  Questions focused on weather and aircraft loading and performance have been dropped.  The course lectures track the recurrent test topics listed by the FAA:


  1. General - Operating Rules - Remote Pilot Certification with an SUAS rating - Waivers:  30 - 40% of test topics
  2. Airspace Classification - Airspace Operational Requirements:  30 - 40% of test topics
  3. Airport Operations - Emergency Procedures - Aeronautical Decision-Making - Maintenance and Inspection Procedures:  20 - 30% of test topics


Aeon Academy's Part 107 Recertification Test Prep Course will prepare you to pass the Recurrent knowledge test.  On one Saturday, we present focused, comprehensive briefs that review all the key test topics and lead students through a practice test.  Plus we share the latest information on FAA UAS regulations and trends.  Students will leave prepared to take the recurrent test, which we suggest they schedule for the following week. 


The Recertification Course is presented in the Denver Tech Center - Centennial Airport area, southeast of Denver, Colorado, from 8 Am to 5 PM.  There is an FAA-approved test center at nearby Centennial Airport that offers testing five days a week. 


Remember, after the last day of the 24th month after you got your original Remote Pilot Certificate, you will lose your remote pilot certification.  You must take the Recurrent Part 107 Test to reinstate your certification to fly legally under Part 107.  A certification renewal is valid for another 24 months. 


Haven't looked up the FAA Part 107 drone regs in a while?  Forgotten how to read an aeronautical chart?  Want to be completely prepared to take the recertification exam by a certain date?  Tune up with Aeon Academy.  Register for a seat now!


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